Infinite Office

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Expand Your Presence

With a Virtual Office, your business is able to occupy two places at the same time! Infinite's affordable 

Virtual Office plans allow clients to extend their reach remotely, breaking into new territory 

without ever leaving their primary office!

Prime Mailing Address & Mail Handling Services

Infinite's Virtual Office plans grant clients access to their own personal mailing address, 

as well as mail handling services. Any mail or packages received at your Infinite address 

will be carefully monitored and securely stored until you come to pick it up. 

Private Phone Number with 24-Hour Voicemail

In addition to our premium mail handling services, Virtual Office clients also receive their own private phone number 

with reliable 24-hour voicemail service. Our unique voicemail system allows users to have voicemail messages 

emailed to them for easy access away from the office.

Interested? Contact us today to launch your virtual office.